Audi Q4

Audi has confirmed that it will be putting two new Q models in to production starting next year and continuing in to 2019. The two Q8 concept models we saw at NAIAS and Geneva Motor Show will go in to production next year.

The Audi Q4, however, will go in to production in 2019 with Audi calling it a ‘Compact Utility Vehicle’, or CUV. The two new Q models will expand Audi’s portfolio significantly, but still leaving a gap in the Q range with the Q6 slot still left to be filled (more on this shortly).

Audi Q4

“In 2019, production of the Audi Q4 will start at Audi Hungaria. With this model, the brand is entering the segment of compact utility vehicles (CUVs). The very sporty Audi Q4 with its typical coupe-style silhouette will be positioned between the Audi Q3 and Q5.” – Audi. It’s unclear, though, if the Audi Q4 will simply be a smaller version of the already exhibited Audi Q8 – both are described as coupe-style SUVs with the Q4 being described as ‘Compact’. It’s possible that the concept art above is quite close to what the new model will look like.

With no lack of motor shows this year, it’s expected that Audi will be showing off the concept for this new vehicle at the New York Motor Show, Auto Shanghai, or possibly at Frankfurt Motor Show.

“The very sporty Audi Q4 with its typical coupe-style silhouette will be positioned between the Audi Q3 and Q5”


There is one more thing that Audi have teased, and that is a World Premiere of a new vehicle – you can see the teaser video for yourself below – and it begs the question: Is this the Audi Q4, or is this something completely different? The Audi Q6 e-tron plug-in hybrid that’s tipped for this year, perhaps? We’ll find out soon enough – Auto Shanghai 2017 starts on 15 April when Audi is scheduled to unveil the car glimpsed in this video.

It looks like Audi is eagerly trying to fill the gaps in its product line with all-new Audi Q4, Audi Q6 and Audi Q8 models. We can't wait to see what each one looks like in the coming months.