Road Tax Disc To Be Scrapped

Don’t get too carried away by the title of this article, I’m afraid to say you will still have to pay Road Tax.  But it’s widely expected that today (05/12/2013) The Chancellor George Osborne will announce that the Road Tax disc will be scrapped from motorists windscreens from October 2014.

Road Tax Disc To Be Scrapped

Road Tax Disc To Be Scrapped

What Does This Mean To You?

The new system should make motorists life a little easier and in some cases save you money!

It’s expected that motorists will be directed towards renewing their road tax disc solely online, rather than the traditional method of visiting the local post office.

Half year road tax discs will no longer be issued with a 10% surcharge, under the new changes this will be reduced to 5%.  The major benefit will be the confirmation that motorists will now be able to pay for their Vehicle Excise Duty on a monthly basis via direct debit.

Why Make The Change Now?

The Road Tax disc has been around for nearly 100 years now, so why get rid of it now?  Well as technology has advanced visual checks on road tax discs made by police officers has dropped by 75% in the past five years.  This is due to the introduction of the electronic vehicle register which allows police and the DVLA to see whether a vehicle is taxed and insured.  It can also give a description of what the driver should look like.

Although this news has apparently been welcomed by the police and the Post Office, I imagine sub-postmasters will not be so welcoming due to the regular foot fall the current process produces.

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    About time, number plate next, one plate for life.

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