Volkswagen ID Vizzion Concept

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The Volkswagen ID Vizzion concept ticks all the boxes for a near-future vehicle; self-driving, all-electric, no steering wheel, and… uh… carpet (which is a trend that we can’t see going away any time soon).

Even still, the Vizzion is the closest look we’ve had at what future Volkswagen models will look like, especially because the Vizzion is going to enter production in 2020. Thanks to just over 300hp this model will be able to whisk the occupants from A to B effortlessly, and VW promises a huge 413 mile range – a bold claim with most brands only suggesting around 300 mile ranges for their electric models.

Sadly, due to annoying road safety laws, the production model (expected to hit the roads in 2022) will still have pedals and a steering wheel, but will still boast the same spec – and hopefully range – as the concept seen on the show floor at Geneva thanks to the VW Group securing £17.7 billion contracts for new and emerging battery technology over the coming years.

The Volkswagen ID Vizzion will start hitting roads in 2022, but we can’t wait for a version of this to be produced without the steering wheel and pedals.


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