3 Amazing Autumn Driving Roads
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3 Amazing Autumn Driving Roads

3 Amazing Autumn Driving Roads
Posted in Supercar On By Connor Clayton

This season can prove one of the best times of the year for some pretty amazing driving roads! If you know where to look, and what you're looking for...

Resist the urge to spend your free time wrapped up in front of the fire this autumn. Yes it's getting colder, but this season can prove one of the best times of the year for some pretty amazing driving roads!

The New ForestThe New Forest - Southampton To Christchurch

Having hit the shops and restaurants of Southampton, head west into the New Forest National Park to explore one of England’s oldest forests. Proclaimed a Royal Forest back in 1079, these days the New Forest is a favourite with families looking for a countryside escape. While driving between the forest’s many picture-postcard villages, you’ll experience some of the best autumnal driving in England — but be aware of the local wildlife! This isn't one to take an RS4 to though - drive cautiously and be prepared to stop, particularly at dawn and dusk.

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Robin Hood CountryRobin Hood Country - Worksop To Mansfield

A royal forest since the 11th century, modern Sherwood is just a fraction of the size it once was. However, it still makes for one of England’s most impressive woodlands, and the perfect place to take in the changing autumn leaves. Explore the home of one of England’s most legendary outlaws — from the climate-controlled comfort of a moderately priced family hatchback.

The Evo Triangle - Conwy To Denbingshire

This is the one for those looking for more of a speed thrill... legally of course! An area found in North Wales, following a 20 mile stretch in the shape of a triangle (creatively enough), this is without a doubt one of the UK's most popular stretches of country roads. National speed limit virtually all the way through, most of the road is based on completely open land, giving you a huge field of vision and completely eliminating any concern of what be might around the corner. Enjoyed safely and responsibly, if you've got a few horses under the bonnet, spare time and some decent weather, you won't regret giving the Evo Triangle a spin... we promise! Depending on where you're based of course, just be prepared to allow plenty of travel time and make sure you're stocked up on fuel! The route is amazing and will tempt you to give it 4 or 5 spins, but remember that it's 20 miles long and you most likely won't be driving economically...

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Finally, just a word of caution - on recent occasions a number of drivers have been caught exceeding 100mph on this road, resulting in more of a police crackdown. We DO NOT condone this sort of driving behaviour in the slightest. Whilst it might be tempting to really put your foot down, this is one to be enjoyed in safety and within the laws of the road. Stick to the rules... the consequences simply aren't worth it!


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