5 Apps That Can Make Driving a Whole Lot Easier!
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5 Apps That Make Your Driving Life Easier

5 Apps That Make Your Driving Life Easier
Posted in Tech On By Connor Clayton

Scour the available apps for both IOS & Android, and you can find some hidden gems that can make your life on the road a whole lot easier!

Apps have been making are lives easier in general for the past few years, but scour the available apps and you can find some hidden gems that can make your life on the road a whole lot easier!

Available on IOS & Android, Free (Membership Required)

Covering roughly 98% of UK forecourts, sign up to PetrolPrices and you'll be able to search the prices of the forecourts nearest to you, or any location you nominate. You can be sure your getting the best price for your fuel, and you can also check the average fuel price in the UK at any one time.

Well worth having on your phone, and with the free version you're entitled to 100 searches a month - should easily be enough! Also as an added bonus, you can expect monthly updates directly to your inbox, containing the best-priced forecourts within range of your home postcode

Available on IOS & Android, Free

Finding a convenient parking space can prove to be a thorn in the side of any modern driver, especially in city centres. AppyParking has an easy-to-use interface, shows the nearest on and off-street bays and directs electric car owners to the closest charge points.

Maps are split into zones to help you identify the different parking rules, so you won’t be hit with a ticket. Prices are shown clearly, and the app will also help you locate your car.

'Met Office Weather'
Available on IOS & Android, Free

Checking the weather in advance before a journey is always a good idea, and where better to get some weather updates than directly from the Met Office? 

The Met Office weather app not only offers drivers accurate forecasts, but will also let them know where, when and how much rain will fall in the next 24 hours.

It can give real-time severe weather warnings about snow, strong winds, ice and fog, and you can share forecasts and warnings with your friends and family.

Available on IOS & Android, Free (Membership Required)

Members of any of the big breakdown operators – such as the AA, RAC or Green Flag – can report a problem via their respective apps. These are free to download, but membership fees vary.

The app could help you and your family get back on the road more quickly in bad weather, as you jump call centre queues. It’s also a good back-up if your phone signal is poor but you can still access its data connection.

Available on IOS & Android, Free

Icy, slippery roads in winter increase the risk of accidents. While we’d recommend a good dash cam to capture any incident, apps like Drivermatics are a good budget back-up.

Other software – such as sat-nav apps – can be used while the dash cam runs in the background. Recordings are stored on cloud remote servers as well, so your phone’s memory isn’t taken up entirely by camera footage.