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5 Common Car Insurance Myths Debunked!

Posted in Car News On By Connor Clayton

From your annual mileage, to driving other cars, we've compiled a list of 5 quite common car insurance myths, and why they're just that... myths!

From your annual mileage, to your job title, we've compiled a list of 5 quite common car insurance myths, and why they're just that... myths!

There are many myths about car insurance floating around, these could be holding your search up or even invalidating your current insurance! We're about to sort the myths from the truth...

MYTH: Lower Mileage Means Lower Insurance

It's fair to assume that a lower-declared mileage will result in a cheaper quote, as the less time you're spending on the road, the less likely you are to end up in an accident.

However there are some instances where a lower mileage will actually increase your premium, as a lower mileage could be seen as a less confident driver - therefore more prone to accidents

The average UK driver will cover roughly 8,000 miles per year, but some do incredibly more than or lower than this figure. If you're a low-miler, it may actually be worth considering a 'pay-as-you-drive' policy - one way that low mileage can reduce your insurance costs, that isn't actually a myth!

MYTH: Garage Parking Results in a Cheaper Quote

Again, you'd be forgiven for thinking that parking your car in a locked & secured garage every night would make the car more difficult to steal, resulting in a lower quote... it's not the case unfortunately!

Statistically you're actually more likely to cause damage to your vehicle going in and out of a garage every day. Over a year, what are the odds of you accidentally pranging the door at least once? Or misjudging the distance?

Makes sense when you think about it doesn't it...

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MYTH: A Policy in a Parent's Name Will Lower Your Premium

Younger drivers with little to no experience will usually put their parent as the main driver on their policy in order to reduce their premium.

The method is called 'fronting' and is entirely illegal. This is something we DO NOT condone in the slightest.

It may lower the premium at least at first, but we're not counting a method that isn't legal!

MYTH: Your Job Title Isn't Really Important

It's not just admin, believe us! It's one of the most important factors your insurance company will use to help determine the cost of your premium. The exact wording can actually have an impact on the price you'll pay.

For example, a Restaurant Manager can expect to pay more than a Cafe Owner.

Subtle changes can alter your premium, just as long as your job title accurately reflects your line of work, otherwise you run the risk of any future claims being rejected.

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MYTH: Third Party Cover Is Always The Cheapest

You'd be forgiven for thinking a smaller type of cover would be cheaper, after all theoretically you're getting less for your money. This however, isn't the case. Drivers who chose third-party on a regular basis tend to make more claims.

In many cases, fully comprehensive cover can cost the same as, or even less than third party cover, with the obvious added bonus that your own vehicle will be covered!


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