5 Car Photography Tips
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5 Car Photography Tips

Posted in Insider News On By David Moffatt

We’ve all done it. You pick up a new car, take it for a spin and think “I need to show this off!”. You then spend the rest of your day trying to get the perfect photo of your new beloved, with cinema-style lighting and location. Here are five simple steps to make your automotive photography skills go from 0-60.  
  1. Location Location Location You want your car to look it’s best so think about what environment will highlight it’s features.
  2. Lather Up Ensure your car is clean. If it’s new it should be fine, if it’s been up and down the motorway a few times then spending half an hour cleaning it will make a massive difference.
  3. Lighting If you’re shooting in harsh sunlight, put the sun behind you. This will make the car’s body light up and also help your camera to focus, ensuring the photo is pin-sharp.
  4. Get Low Think about where you’re standing when you take the photo. Get low and shoot close to the ground, this will give you car an overbearing menacing look. Shooting front-on will enhance it’s width where as getting parallel will enhance your nice alloys.
  5. Make the best of what you’ve got If you haven’t got time to produce the next Fast and Furious movie poster, a few small changes will ensure your driveway photoshoot still works including moving the wheelie bin out the back of the photo!
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