Alfa Romeo Stelvio Offers 'Instagram Filter' Windows
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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Offers 'Instagram Filter' Windows

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Offers 'Instagram Filter' Windows
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The Alfa Romeo Stelvio now comes with new Instagram-inspired ‘filter windows’ that gives drivers the sensation of travelling through Italian beauty spots.

  • The 2021 Alfa Romeo Stelvio will offer cutting-edge electrochromic glass
  • This glass is able to change the hue and saturation of the front and passenger windows
  • Allowing you to have Instagram-inspired 'filter windows'
  • The Nuova Luce® technology can be changed through the infotainment screen

Alfa Romeo Stelvio offers 'Instagram Filter' windows

With the nationwide lockdown slowly coming to an end, many drivers are eager to get back on the UK roads and travel. As anyone living in the UK can vouch for, the weather can often appear quite dreary and grey, even during the Summer months. Alfa Romeo have decided to implement cutting-edge electrochromic glass that can change the hue and saturation of your windows, giving them the appearance of popular Instagram filters while you sit inside the car. 

An image of the Roma filter on the window of an Alfa Romeo Stelvio

This ingenious feature is called Nuova Luce®, or New Light and can simply be activated via the car’s infotainment system, through a dedicated widget. The filters aim to improve and replace the standard dreary and grey experience when looking through the windows by giving you a more vibrant ambience, that could only be achieved by going to other countries.

This instantly teleports you to places like Italy or Greece, where more vibrant and colourful scenery is rife, as well as plenty more rays of sunshine. The Nuova Luce® comes in five different filters:

  • 'Roma' - sunset hues with soft yellows and reds
  • 'Milano' - the bright, crisp light of the Duomo
  • 'Torino' - a peachy pallet, invoking the ancient architecture
  • 'Como' - the rich blues and greens of sunlit water
  • 'Cinque Terre' - the bold, high contrast colours of the Amalfi Coast

Interior picture of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio's Nuova Luce menu

Head of Ambient Lighting Phil Terre, who led the special project has said “Nuova Luce® is an evolution of the widely available auto-dimming mirror technology. We know people up and down the country are desperate to go overseas. We’re hopeful that while it’s no replacement for the real thing, this world-first technology brings a taste of Italy to the UK for Alfa Romeo Stelvio drivers".

Update: This has now confirmed to be an April Fools joke.

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