Audi Smart Energy Network

It seems that every major car company is making room for an energy solution to complement their future electric cars, and with the ‘Smart Energy Network’ Audi is no exception.

With electric vehicles set to become a hugely successful market for carmakers over the coming years, it’s only natural that they will want to sell you a product that can generate, store and then supply electricity for your power-hungry car. In two new test areas (Ingolstadt and Zurich), Audi’s new Smart Energy Network aims to create a smart grid that is able to manage supply and demand locally rather than drawing on the larger energy network.

Audi Smart Energy Network

Although there are little details on how this will happen (most of which is technical mumbo jumbo), it’s clear that Audi’s new system aims to be a lot smarter than current energy solutions from other manufacturers. The most interesting point being that Audi are not just focussing on energy solutions that will benefit electric vehicles, or even just one home. They are looking at providing a benefit for the main energy grid as well, which is going to be a big deal as hundreds (thousand and millions) of brand new electric cars start looking to draw on the energy reserves of your nearest power plant.

Although the device itself is likely to be similar to Tesla’s Powerwall, it’s the software that is going to be the stand out feature here. And Audi are pushing that as their big selling point as well. It’s worth noting, however, that Audi’s product is still just a concept and could go through many iterations before we see a final version that we can buy and implement in our homes.

Whether Audi’s Smart Energy Network is the future of automobile or home energy is still uncertain, but it’s great to see such huge companies paying an interest in to energy solutions.