Audi Wants Cars to Talk to Each Other
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Audi Wants Cars to Talk to Each Other

Audi Wants Cars to Talk to Each Other
Posted in Audi On By Tim Ridd-Jolly

Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW want their cars to talk to each other - sharing data to make the roads safer. The scenario should be obvious, an Audi is driving down the road and its on-board sensors detect a hazard that could be potentially dangerous for other drivers. The new technology would then ping out the data for nearby cars to analyse, allowing that car to manoeuvre or alert the driver of the hazard up ahead. It sounds pretty straight forward. blog1 The difficulty with the technology is that an Audi car might send out one set of data, but a Mercedes-Benz car would send out completely different data. And that's where the software developers at HERE come in. They intend to knit together the vast amounts of data they'll receive and turn it in to a universally understood language that all compatible cars will be able to utilise.
"Our ambition is that we can help make this world a safer, more efficient place"
It sounds like a mammoth task, but one that will positively impact driver safety and car efficiency. With three major car brands teaming up for the initiative, and hopefully more in the future, the system is bound to get better as time goes on. blog2 The system is called HERE, and is being brought in to the public light by Alex Mangan, HERE's Product Marketing Manager for Connected Driving. He says, "Our ambition is that we can help make this world a safer, more efficient place, as well as more technologically relevant to people." blog3 "There are not many companies that can do this on a global scale, and since understanding location is quickly becoming more and more important for so many devices, we’re sitting at the crux of such a unique time on this planet,” Mangan says. HERE services should be available in 2017, and we can't wait to see how they help to pave the way for safer, more enjoyable driving by letting cars talk to each other.
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