Audi Designer TIE-X / Jason Battersby

Jason Battersby is a professional Audi Designer, but in his spare time, he also likes to work on personal projects that naturally include parts of Audi’s design language.

If you ever wanted to see what an Audi Designer would create if they had to make a ship for the Star Wars universe, then this is the closest we’ll probably get. Jason Battersby, a Professional Car Designer for Audi, imagines his own versions of a TIE Fighter, which he calls the TIE-X, and gives us a briefing that says this is “[Darth] Vader’s secret advanced Tie-Fighter project.”

Audi Designer TIE-X / Jason Battersby
Audi Designer TIE-X / Jason Battersby

It’s interesting to see what Audi designers get up to in their spare time, and what type of personal projects they’re working on. It’s clear that personal projects and projects for Audi will borrow from each other in small ways, and while we [probably] won’t see any weapons being added to the front of Audi cars, it’s the material choices, sharp edges and attention to detail that intrigue us.

This is a bit of a step forward from Audi’s Lunar Rover, but we can definitely see bits of the Audi design creeping through in to the finer details of the concept ship.

Audi Designer TIE-X / Jason Battersby
Audi Designer TIE-X / Jason Battersby

If Audi ever branch out in to space, we hope this talented concept designer and professional car designer is in charge of spaceship design! You can see more of Jason’s work here.

Audi Designer TIE-X / Jason Battersby
With Audi putting their concept designs (with the Audi Lunar Rover in Alien: Covenant) in feature films, we hope to see some of Jason’s concepts popping up in movies!


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