Audi Extends Employment Guarantee
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Audi Extends Employment Guarantee

Audi Extends Employment Guarantee
Posted in Audi On By Tim Ridd-Jolly

Audi has further proven its commitment to its approximately 61,000 employees by extending their employment guarantee to at least 2020.

Audi has approximately 61,000 employees in Germany who had previously been locked in to an employment guarantee through to 2018, but Audi has further proven its commitment to its staff by extending that guarantee to at least 2020. This announcement was well received by employees as tensions grow around a strategic refocus and extremely challenging markets. Audi felt it was important for the company to send a signal to its workers, "Especially in uncertain times, we want to give our employees a guarantee." Audi’s Board of Management Member for Human Resources, and Labour Relations Director, Thomas Sigi stated: "Our goal for the 'Audi.Future' agreement is clear: We will qualify our team for the challenges of digitisation while creating a modern working environment at Audi. We see the extension of the job guarantee until 2020 as only the start."


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