Audi and Porsche

The two companies will join forces for a shared vehicle architecture that will see both carmakers building electric vehicles using the same technology.

The green light has been given for a shared vehicle architecture between Audi and Porsche as a strategy to enable both companies to push ahead in their strategies for the future. Rupert Stadler and Oliver Blume, the Board of Management Chairmen at Audi and Porsche plan to co-operate closely for the partnership.

Audi and Porsche

The carmakers will work together on creating future technologies for both brands to utilise, for example, electric vehicles, digital software and technologies, and autonomous driving. The companies feel that working together, they will be able to fully optimise their efforts in future driving technologies in order to enhance and maintain a competitive advantage over other brands.

Future model generations from both brands will better meet the challenges of the growing competition in autonomous driving and electric vehicles. This comes off the back of news that Audi has been working on a new body structure for an upcoming refresh of the Audi A8 model, which will have autonomous driving and a rumoured hybrid powertrain as an option (as teased in the Audi Q8 Sport Concept).

“A Porsche will always be a Porsche”


Rupert Stadler, Audi: “The best brains of both companies will together set the technical course for the future. We are united by many shared values, above all, by our pursuit of the best solutions and the best offerings for our customers.”

Oliver Blume, Porsche: “Together, we will make faster progress in the race for the mobility of the future. We will utilise the expertise of both companies and take advantage of synergies. We will cooperate wherever it makes sense, but we will also be very careful to maintain the differentiation between our brands. A Porsche will always be a Porsche, and that will remain so in the future.”

Collaboration within the Volkswagen Group isn’t unheard of. Audi, VW and Porsche have all worked together successfully in the past. This new collaboration between Audi and Porsche will ensure that the companies are positioning themselves together for the next decade.

In the coming months, joint teams will prepare the specific areas of cooperation and define the roadmap as far as 2025.