This is the new Audi Q8 concept, and it takes everything that's good about an Audi car and puts it in a brand new SUV format that Audi feels is reminiscent of the Ur-quattro from the 80s.

Set to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in January, the Audi Q8 will be a coupé with plenty of space inside. The grille is positioned in a forward position and is extremely wide in the concept images. Audi says that this design is ‘near-production’.

With the Audi Q8 concept, we have created a new spearhead within our Q model line. Its design strongly evokes sportiness and prestige,” declared Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte. “What’s more, we believe an important aspect of this showcar is that it offers a spacious interior with four equally comfortable seats, even with the flat roof line.”

It’s likely that the 4.0-litre engine from the Audi SQ7 will make it in to the Q8, but rumours from earlier in the year state that the Audi Q8 will also get an all-electric model as well.

We'll know more in the coming weeks as Audi readies itself to unveil this car in Detroit at the beginning of January.