Audi R8 Beast Mode Concept

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Mo Aoun – creator of the Audi R8 Beast Mode images seen above – is an automotive designer and digital artist who is bolstering his portfolio in an effort to get his work featured in videogames and feature films. After realising that most modified cars in videogames and movies seem to be more like toys that realistic versions of what could actually be achieved. So, Aoun decided to make a series of models that looked more like real-world off road versions of themselves. Something that would be more likely to feature in a Hollywood blockbuster than a videogame or a low budget film.

That’s where the Audi R8 Beast Mode idea came from, and Aoun’s dream is to be featured in a Fast and Furious movie – the franchise that gave him his inspiration to create renders like this.

Make sure to check our more of Mo Aoun’s work on his Behance profile where he shows concepts of off-road models from numerous car brands, new and old.

We think Mo Aoun’s Audi R8 Beast Mode concept is awesome, and we’d love to see it brought to life for a feature film. James Bond? Fast and Furious? Anything!


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