Audi Tattoos

Audi have developed a new technique that allows them to change the paintwork of a car to create matte lettering and graphics.

The technique, affectionately known as Audi Tattoos, uses a special powder to roughen the clear lacquer on the surface, allowing you to effectively tattoo your car. The new technique is available through the Audi exclusive programme, and will offer a personalised design on the side blades of an Audi R8. The company feels that this will help make every Audi model feel unique without impacting on factory production time (as this method can be implemented in to the production line).

To demonstrate this new process, Audi placed the Audi Sport logo on an Audi R8.

The process only changes the paintwork to the depth of a few thousandths of a millimetre, but it changes the brilliance of the paintwork and the intensity of its sheen so that the end result is much nicer than stickers, lettering or vinyl logos that can be applied to the car after delivery.

This form of individualisation is weather resistant, unlike conventional lettering and stickers, and it has a much more high-quality appearance.” – Production section head Mirko Endres

Audi says that they can apply any design as long as it doesn’t affect third-party rights. It’s likely that the most common request will be a name, but you could also put a graphic – a logo of your company maybe.

It’s unclear whether people will want to opt for this new personalisation choice as it will definitely affect the resale of the car, but if you can afford and Audi R8, it’s likely that you won’t need to upgrade your car very often. Especially if you feel the need to apply Audi tattoos to your car.

We envisage a future where celebrities auction off their Audi R8 models because it has their name on the side, and CEOs put an R8 down as a company expense because it advertises the company name. We’ll ask our boss to see if we can get a Stable Vehicle Contracts Audi R8.

Audi only plans to offer this process to Audi R8 customers at the moment, but said that they would be expanding it to other models in the future.