Audi TT RS

The team over at DRIVETRIBE got their hands on an Audi TT RS and decided to take it on the track for a fast-lap test. This is a perfect example of how Audi Sport’s new team are working hard to create high quality, high octane supercars that have a load more bite than previous generations.

The Audi TT RS has a brand new five-cylinder engine that is has strong motorsport inspiration. The Coupe version clocks the 0-62mph test in just 3.7 seconds, whereas the Roadster barely lags behind at 3.9 seconds. With times like that, you can’t really argue over 0.2 seconds.

The RS styling on these models isn’t hiding away in a few badges either. A fixed rear spoiler, unique honeycomb grille and a stunning double-pipe exhaust are just what we wanted on an RS version of this popular model.

Audi TT RS
Thanks to the team over at DRIVETRIBE for showing us just how capable the Audi TT RS is!