Audi’s Final Fantasy XV R8

With the upcoming videogame Final Fantasy XV on our doorstep, the list of merchandise for the popular franchise is growing by the day. From aftershave to jewellery to action figures. The latest merchandise offer will only set you back £400,000 though – a Final Fantasy XV themed Audi R8 Spyder.

Square Enix, developer of the Final Fantasy franchise, teamed up with Audi Japan to offer the limited edition R8. In the spin-off film – Kingsglaive – of the still unreleased videogame, one of the characters drives a fantasised version of an Audi R8 Spyder. Audi Japan decided that it would be appropriate to bring that model to the real world with the ‘Star of Lucis’ model.

Final Fantasy XV

This might seem like a marketing gimmick, but don’t forget that this car still has the same 610bhp 5.2 litre V10 engine and 7-speed S tronic transmission that the standard models of the car get, and this particular piece of Final Fantasy merchandise can hit 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds.

The Audi R8 ‘Star of Lucis’ will be released alongside the launch of the game at the end of the month through Audi Japan.