Be Wary of the Potential Fireworks Motoring Fines!
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Be Wary of Explosive Bonfire Night Fines!

Posted in Tips On By Connor Clayton

Be wary of the relatively unknown laws regarding driving with fireworks in your car... don't accidently land yourself with a £300 fine!

Nipping out to get the fireworks for your private party? Have fun and stay safe of course, but make sure you're not accidentally breaking a motoring law which can land you a £300 fine!

With Bonfire Night 2018 approaching, drivers are being warned that they could invalidate their car insurance by having too many fireworks in their car at any one time, which could result in a £300 fine and 6 penalty points. Ouch.

And if they’re involved in an accident while carrying them, not only could the fireworks themselves cause some explosive problems, but insurance companies could also refuse to pay out.

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For motorists without a firework storage licence, the legal weight limit for transporting explosive material is 50kg, which relates to the explosives themselves, not the total weight of the box.

So, if you’re hosting a Guy Fawkes Night party in your garden with family and friends, your fireworks are unlikely to tip you over the 50kg limit.

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However, if you’re supplying the local Bonfire Night display in your town or neighbourhood then you could end up transporting more than 50kg, so if you’re unsure you should check before you head out.


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