Open-Top LaFerrari for Paris Motor Show
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Open-Top LaFerrari for Paris Motor Show

Open-Top LaFerrari for Paris Motor Show
Posted in Insider News On By Tim Ridd-Jolly

Pictures of a new open-top LaFerrari have been shown off in the run up to its Paris Motor Show debut. This is an unusual one to be flaunting at the event as the limited-run supercar has already sold out with a Ferrari spokesperson confirming that the "Order books are now closed." LaFerrari There is some speculation over what the car will be called. It's possible that this will simply be an open-top LaFerrari Spider, but there's rumblings of a completely new name after Ferrari placed images on their website with the file name suggesting the car would be called LaFerrari Aperta ('Open'). Until we get an official announcement in Paris, we'll just have to keep guessing. LaFerrari Other than the open-top, there doesn't appear to be much different in the way of design. The car even has the same engine and specs as the original LaFerrari, but the carmaker has made "significant and extensive modifications" to the chassis to retain the same safety levels as the coupe. The car's aerodynamics have also been honed to guarantee the same drag while driving with the top down. LaFerrari With only 150 of these cars expected to have been produced (the original LaFerrari had only 499), who knows if we'll ever see a celeb driving one of these beasts. You can be sure that Ferrari has hand-picked each and every buyer though - you can't simply purchase a LaFerrari, Ferrari contact you.
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