Driving Abroad

Whether driving abroad for a holiday, visiting family or something else, we understand that you may want to take your contract hire car abroad with you.

VE103 Certificate

To do this, you will have to complete one of the forms available on the links below. Just choose either Audi or Volkswagen and complete the VE103 request form on the relevant website.

Audi VE103 Foreign Travel Authority Certificate

Volkswagen VE103 Foreign Travel Authority Certificate

After completing the form, your VE103 Foreign Travel Authority Certificate will be sent to you within 14 days of your request. This is valid for one year and allows travel for up to 90 days in Europe.

Take extra care to ensure that you have the adequate insurance cover as well.


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  • Devrim

    Would Turkey be included?

  • Tim Ridd-Jolly

    You would have to clarify with your finance company, as Turkey is classed as in both Europe & Asia!

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