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Car Lease Tips - 3 Tips To Secure The Best Deal

Car Lease Tips - 3 Tips To Secure The Best Deal
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Stable Dave breaks down 3 car leasing tips to secure the best deal, using his fountain of knowledge in the industry.

There are plenty of articles about when it comes to car lease tips, but how often do you get tips backed up by an industry veteran? Dave Moffatt is the sales manager of Stable Vehicle Contracts and has been working in the car leasing industry since 1999 and before it went mainstream. See our video by Dave below where he goes through 3 car lease tips to secure the absolute best deal. If you want to see more video content from us, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, TikTok or Instagram TV.

Video transcript:

Way Number 1...


So what I mean by that is...

You can’t be fancy or you can’t be particular on the vehicle you’re getting.

So if you want to go for an Audi A6 45 S Line S Tronic with Tech Pack and that is it... 

You might have to pay a premium for that.

If you will take a large 4dr Saloon automatic German brand with good spec...

Then you’re going to get your best deal.

So rather than being focused on an EXACT model, focus on the type of vehicle you want... 

and then look for the deals.

So you might end up going for a Mercedes-Benz E Class.

But it might be saving you 50, 60... £100 a month by doing that.

Rather than just you sticking with one particular model.


Point number TWO...


a LOT of our customers over-allow on their mileage.

The reason they do that is they’re scared of excess mileage charges.

Where they’re going to get absolutely hammered at the end of the contract if they’ve EXCEEDED the contracted mileage.

First point is check the excess mileage charge.

With most funders the mileage charge is particularly reasonable. Somewhere between 6-11p per mile. 

Depending on the vehicle.

So make sure it’s somewhere around that figure, you don’t want to be paying much more than that.

...and then secondly, don’t over-allow on your mileage.

If you know historically you’ve been doing 10,000 miles a year for the last 2-3 years... 

Why increase your mileage to 15,000 miles a year? Because you’re never going to do it!

The only winner there is the finance company.

Because you’re going to be paying for that mileage...

...and then you’re going to give them the car back with LESS mileage on it... it’s worth MORE than they thought it was!

So they’re QUIDS IN... and you’re, not.


The THIRD point is...


So the initial rental is... it’s what some customers call the deposit.

But it’s not a deposit because you don’t get it back.

It’s the amount you pay as your first payment ok? So your initial rental,

...and that can fluctuate, you can set that from ‘nothing’...

All the way up to thousands of pounds.

The more you put down upfront, as the initial rental...

the lower the monthly payment.

...and as always, you’re going to get a lot of people advertising super cheap car rentals...

where all they’ve done is increase the initial rental to make the monthly payment look cheap.

So just be careful you don’t get caught out by companies advertising...

cheap monthly rentals, but with super-high inflated initial rentals. 

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