Certain local authorities across Britain will have access to money from a £4million pot to help them cut traffic congestion and therefore improve air quality.

The changes being put in place by the councils is designed to improve air quality in cities being affected the most by pollution. The Department for Transport decided which of the 19 areas would receive the funding, and it will first be used to develop sensors and technology that can collect traffic and air quality information that will be used to further develop techniques to improve congestion and pollution levels on the roads that are deemed to be the worst affected.


Westminster, Hounslow, Hammersmith and Fulham – all in Greater London – will all get a share of the money (more than £200,000) which will help them to roll out a electric vehicle charging spots with new technology that can provide up-to-date information as to whether the spaces are in-use or empty. This will come as a relief for those who have electric vehicles and don’t want to get caught out looking for someone to recharge.

The money will be used to further develop techniques to improve congestion and pollution levels.

Warrington is getting a bigger share than those four districts put together (£300,000) to help them develop Bluetooth and Smart technology that can manage traffic flow and provide data for businesses and the general public to use.

By providing these local authorities with financial aid in reducing air pollution and improving congestion will be a welcome change, but some are questioning whether the money could have been used to ease the growing concerns with road quality.