Hoverbikes for Dubai's Police

Villains Beware.

It’s common knowledge Dubai are good for a bit of spare change, equipping their emergency services with only the best. For example it wouldn’t be an uncommon sight to see a Police Bugatti Veyron patrolling the streets. 

We didn’t think this was possible, but they’re upping their game even more! Dubai now wants it’s officers to start patrolling the streets on hoverbikes. Yes, literal hoverbikes. It’s official, whilst our police are still using Vauxhall Astras in 2018, Dubai’s police are already in 3018.

Police are now receiving quite the innovative training!

This was announced as an intention just over a year ago at the Gitex Technology Week – and now they have started training their forces to ride vehicles we didn’t even think existed.

Realistically, each vehicle will cost in the region of £116,000 – pocket change in Dubai let’s face it! But to put things into perspective, for that price you could have a BMW i8. 

They’ll reportedly be used to reach hard-to-access areas, track suspects and patrol tourist destinations.

Am I the only one here that’s starting to think this is a bit excessive?

Granted driving round on a hoverbike would be extremely cool, but these things float about 2 metres off the ground and can only reach speeds of 43mph.

By comparison, a vauxhall astra costs give-or-take £20,000 and can reach speeds of 120mph. Granted it can’t hover, but exactly what areas can a hoverbike reach by being 2m off the ground that a car can’t? I’m sure there might be a few but nothing springs to mind.

Personally, as cool as I think this idea is, I’d love to see some £116,000, 2 metre floating hoverbikes become undone by a criminal thats hiding behind a 3 metre wall!