e-Tron Charging Service Goes On-Grid
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e-Tron Charging Service Goes On-Grid

e-Tron Charging Service Goes On-Grid
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The e-Tron Charging Service has been given the green light for unlimited, trouble-free electric mobility - accessible on just one contract!

The green light has been given for unlimited, trouble-free electric mobility!

The Audi e-tron Charging Service is going on-grid in ten markets, meaning the service will be rolled out in a further six markets in the first quarter and expanded in Eastern Europe over the course of the year.

To cover individual charging needs, customers can choose from two different tariffs. Providing a premium charging offer, Audi makes 80% of all public charging stations in Europe accessible on the basis of just one contract.

Electric-Car Charging is set to be made simple with the e-Tron!

To cover individual charging needs, the e-tron Charging Service offers two different tariffs. The “City” tariff is aimed primarily at urban commuters. It is available for a basic fee of €4.95 per month. For each charging process, customers then pay €7.95 for AC charging (up to 22 kW) and €9.95 for DC charging (up to 50 kW), regardless of the charging duration and how much energy is drawn.

For drivers who regularly travel long-distance, Audi recommends the “Transit” tariff. This costs €17.95 per month, although a one-year waiver of the basic fee is granted for first-time Audi e-tron buyers. With the “Transit” tariff, customers benefit from better access conditions with HPC contract partners such as IONITY, higher charging capacities and shorter charging durations.

City Tariff*Transit Tariff*
Basic Fee€4.95pm€17.95pm
AC Charging (up to 22 kW)€7.95/charging process€7.95/charging process
DC Charging (up to 50 kW)€9.95/charging process€9.95/charging process
IONITY HPC (up to 150kW)No offerIntroductory price:
€8.00/charging process
Special price:

*Valid for the German Market as of Feb 2019


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