EU Demands Speed Limiters On Cars - Will It Come To The UK?
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EU Demands Speed Limiters On Cars - Will It Come To The UK?

EU Demands Speed Limiters On Cars - Will It Come To The UK?
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New cars launched in the European Union after 6 July 2022 must have Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology fitted by law. Will this happen in the UK?

Angry sounding and continuous high-pitch beeps coming from your speakers.

That's the noise you will hear constantly if you breach the speed limit under the new EU speed limiter demands. And not just annoying sounds, but physical haptic feedback through your acceleration pedal, that will 'push back' against your foot, reminding you to slow down.

If those don't work? Your steering wheel will vibrate incessantly, prompting you to come back below the speed limit. All of these new measures come from the new Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology that all new cars in the EU must have fitted by law from the 6th of July 2022.

Sound invasive? It does to us as well but it's an EU General Safety Rule that is meant to bring down road collisions by 30% and road deaths by 20%. The EU has a target of zero road deaths by 2050, which may be entirely possible if we're running on completely automated cars by then.

The ISA technology works by using dynamic scanning to detect road speed limit signs, as well as GPS information to get an accurate reading of the road's speed limit

Can you turn ISA off?

It will be possible to turn off ISA. However, it will reset every time you switch on your car so you will have to switch it off every time you start it up. If you've ever had a car with the stop/start button you will know the feeling of having to turn it off every time you start your engine.

Insurance company usage

This particular part is more of a conspiracy theory by us. But it's entirely possible that insurance companies will use the data collected by the car's ISA system. Let's say you were involved in a crash, had not disabled ISA and were driving above the road's speed limit (having ignored the ISA warnings).

If ISA is logging the data it would be very easy for insurance companies to see that you had breached the ISA warnings and were driving above the speed limit. Thus making any insurance claim void.

Just some food for thought!

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Another safety measure called the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is being introduced as well.

AEB is a safety system built into vehicles which monitors the traffic and road conditions ahead for signs a collision might occur. AEB will warn the driver of an upcoming danger and that they need to apply the brakes now. And if they do not apply the brakes the system will automatically do it for them.

AEB could prevent over 140,000 serious road traffic injuries by 2038.

Crash test organisation EuroNCAP says: "Greater adherence to speed limits will avert accidents and mitigate the effects of those that occur".

An image of a car driving past in a 60kph zone

Which cars will get the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology?

Any new car built after July 6th 2022 by law in the European Union must have the ISA technology installed. Any new cars that are already sitting in a showroom after July 6th will have to have the ISA technology installed before July 2024.

Will the UK get this technology installed on new cars too?

As the UK is no longer part of the European Union due to Brexit, the UK does not need to follow the new laws regarding ISA technology. However, the UK has not ruled out adopting the new law.

Euro NCAP will pressure the UK to ensure we are keeping in line with the safety laws of other countries. And car manufacturers will more than likely want their vehicles to score well in every country. It wouldn't make sense for a VW car to score 5/5 Euro NCAP safety score in the EU but then 1/5 in the UK, due to missing ISA technology.

Mike Hawes from the UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) wants the new EU regulations brought over to the UK. He has said:

"We forward to continuing discussions with the UK government on how these measures will be rolled out in this country. Some manufacturers have already been offering these technologies to consumers ahead of any regulations, including Intelligent Speed Assistance, and will continue to do so across the UK.

With the heavily integrated nature of the UK and European automotive sectors, regulatory divergence is not advantageous for either party."

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