5 Common Driving Myths Uncovered
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5 Common Driving Myths Uncovered

Posted in Tips On By Connor Clayton

There are any number of driving myths floating around, both on the internet and in conversation, but some are exactly that... myths!

There are any number of driving myths floating around, both on the internet and in conversation, but some are exactly that... myths! Here's some definitive answers to some of the most common driving myths out there today.

Is It Illegal To Eat Behind The Wheel?

There is no specific law that clearly states it is an offence to eat behind the wheel, however if the snack causes you to become distracted, the police could deem this action to be careless driving.

This carries an on-the-spot fine of £100 and 3 penalty points - knowing this, it might not be worth that on-the-go sandwich...

Is It Illegal To Smoke Behind The Wheel?

Just like eating behind the wheel, there is no specific law that bans you from lighting up whilst driving - also just like eating behind the wheel however, this can be deemed to fall under the careless driving category.

However, it's your passengers you really need to be concerned about on this one. If any of your passengers are under 18, it is illegal to smoke in the car with them - a recent law change designed to protect children from second-hand smoke.

Is It Illegal To Use Headphones Behind The Wheel?

Technically, not illegal - just highly unadvisable... it can be very dangerous!

It can prevent you from hearing emergency vehicle sirens, level crossings warning and the horns of other vehicles.

Most cars (believe it or not!) are equipped with radios & mp3 integration for you to enjoy your music in a perfectly safe manner. Our advice? Ditch the headphones!

Do You Get a 10% Grace Amount For The Speed Limit?

This one is a common misconception, we'd like to make this one clear - No. You DO NOT legally get a 10% grace for driving over the speed limit.

Many speedometers allow a 10% overestimation built-in, but legally this allowance does not exist. For example, you cannot legally drive at 44mph in a 40mph zone.

The police do receive suggestions that they do not prosecute until drivers exceed a margin of error of 10% of the speed limit - this is designed to take into account driver concentration, and speedometer error. However, it is only a suggestion, not a rule, and it's down to the discretion of the police officer at the time.

Quite simply, get clocked doing 32mph in a 30mph zone, as unfair as it might seem, you're perfectly liable to be prosecuted for speeding.

Is It Illegal To Drive With The Interior Light On?

No, it is not illegal to drive with your interior light on.

However, if you're pulled over by the police under the reasoning that your light is a distraction to other road users, most of the time they will simply ask you to turn it off.

However, they are well within their power to charge you with careless driving, or driving without consideration to other roads users.

Our advice? Keep it switched off, it doesn't need to be on!


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