5 World Records You Could Break! (If You Really Wanted To)
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5 Motoring World Records You Could Break! (If you really wanted to!)

Posted in Car News On By Connor Clayton

If you've always fancied going down in history in the motoring industry, there are a few world records that are well within your grasp to break!

If you've always fancied going down in history in the motoring industry, there are a few world records that are well within your grasp to break! Now some might be slightly tedious, or frankly, downright pointless, but if you've always wanted a world record holder certificate on your wall... look no further!

Longest Time To Kiss a Car

Some of us claim to absolutely love our car, here's a chance to literally prove it!

In 2013, Mexicans Ernesta Hernandez Ambrosio & Jesús Juárez Vite spent over 76 hours kissing their car in 2013. If you've got the patience to hold your lips on your car for over 3 days straight, quite frankly you deserve the recognition!

Most Stickers on a Car

Some people aren't adverse to adding the odd sticker to their car, maybe showing their favourite hobby, passion or just a comedy one (Classic: If you can read this I've lost my caravan.)

Some students in Lithuania managed to gain recognition by applying 14,637 different stickers onto a Nissan X-Trail within 23 hours. Commitment at it's finest(?)

Again, this one would just require patience & dedication.... and over 14,637 stickers... and a car large enough to accomodate them... preferably a car you're most likely not going to use again... as it might be a pain to get the stickers off.

The more we think about this one the more complicated it becomes in reality to be honest.

Largest GPS Drawing By a Car

Thanks to a number of readily available smartphone apps, GPS drawing is a hobby anyone can take up! It uses satellites to tract a person's location and their route, allowing them to draw pictures by moving round an area.

Vauxhall currently hold this record, driving a Corsa 6,080 miles around the UK drawing a halloween-themed images.

Fire up your app, jump in your car, and keep going until you've exceeded 6,080 miles. Simple.

Just be sure to take into consideration how much 6,080 miles of fuel might cost...

Fastest Wheel Change

We wouldn't recommend this one at home.

Technicians from Reifen Umert in Germany managed to change all 4 wheels on a Ford Focus in 58.43 seconds back in 2015. That included jacking the car up, and using hand-held wheel braces to remove the wheel nuts.

This one might take a bit of practice, but if you've got the facilities, the car and the skill, why not give it a go?

Fastest Time To Park 50 Cars in a Car Park

A meet & greet driver managed to set this record in 2012, taking 22 minutes 16.7 seconds to park 50 cars, all by himself.

This one shouldn't be difficult, all you'll need is permission to use a 50+ spaces car park privately, legitimate access to 50 cars... and an afternoon.


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