Golf GTI TCR overtakes R
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Golf GTI TCR overtakes R

Golf GTI TCR overtakes R
Posted in Volkswagen On By David Moffatt

Volkswagen have revealed a range of Golf GTi based touring cars set to compete in the TCR international championships.

Golf GTI TCRA wider body and a huge spoiler aren't the only additions to the Golf GTI TCR, the tuned engine creates a massive 325bhp and 302lb ft of torque... more than the Golf R. Unlike the super-hatch, the GTI is two-wheel drive, following TCR race regulations which draws closer parallel to the highest-performance GTI on sale: the 40th anniversary GTI Clubsport. With the announcement of the GTI TCR and the Clubsport going on sale this year, the 40th anniversary of the GTI is looking great.


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