Golf R Performance Pack

The Golf R model on display at Geneva had a few sneaky surprises that weren’t fully announced until after pictures and footage had appeared online of Akrapovic exhaust systems, a performance brake system, an exclusive rear spoiler and more.

It was later revealed that this was the Golf R with an upcoming Performance Pack installed that brings extra features to the already powerful model. As the video below shows, the combination of standard Golf R specs and the Performance Pack bring about a fierce vehicle with plenty to talk about.

The feature that was easiest to identify was the Akrapovic titanium machined exhaust system that gives the Golf R a seriously nice sound when idling, revving or accelerating. From what we’ve seen, there may be two colour options, an anodised golden colour has been shown in official images, but a gunmetal colour appears in the teaser video.

The Performance model will also get a speed increase thanks to VW removing the speed limiter – this will allow the car to push past the standard 155mph speed limit to reach a max. speed of just over 165mph. If you’re going that fast, you’ll also need the Performance brake system that brings drilled brake discs with special brake pads at the front and a silver logo plate on the brake calliper.

Golf R Performance Pack

The whole package makes the car look stunning!

The shock absorbers and steering will also be tuned specifically for the Performance Pack, but it’s unclear what will be changed. You can be certain that the changes will mean a sportier, more responsive ride to make the Golf R handle nicer at higher speeds.

The interior of the car is lined with carbon fibre texture, leather seats and all the features of the standard R model. With new 19″ alloys available to Performance owners, the whole package makes the car look stunning.

Golf R Performance Pack

It’s also worth noting that the Performance Pack will be available on both the Golf R and the Golf R Estate. We expect the Performance Pack to be available in October for UK customers.

We can’t wait to see, and hear, a Golf R with Performance Pack on UK roads!