GoPro has unveiled its latest action-cams and, considering the size of the devices, they’ve packed in quite a few handy new features. We’ve always been fans of the tiny cameras, mainly for their portability and video quality, but in an ever-growing market of action cameras we were starting to feel that GoPros were pricey and stagnant. Until now.


The GoPro HERO 5 Black is the same size as its predecessor, but now comes in a waterproof (to 10m) housing without the need to purchase an additional case (an optional Super Suit case will let you dive as deep as 60m). This will come in handy for those times when you’re nervously gripping at the camera as you balance it in your hands on the beach, or you’re hoping the rain will stay off long enough for you to capture some once-in-a-lifetime footage.


The HERO 5 Black also comes with a new stereo microphone that has an advanced wind-noise reduction system. GoPro’s attitude to make things easier are certainly present in this device as you can now operate the cam by saying, “GoPro take a photo,” or “GoPro start video.”

The camera can also record 4K at 30fps with professional grade stabilisation, so your bumpy bike rides will now look smoother than ever, and take 12MP photos with GPS location tags. A touchscreen will make the device easier to control, even allowing you to trim videos on the device itself.

The only downside seems to be that, in getting a waterproof housing as standard, we may lose the ability to change out the batteries of the HERO 5.


GoPro have also announced the HERO 5 Session. The familiar HERO Session is still available as an entry-level, but the cube-like HERO 5 Session gets the voice-controls and 4K video at 30fps that its larger sibling has.


The HERO 5 Session does not have the touch display, GPS tagging or the ability to take RAW photos that a professional photographer may have been looking for.


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