Halloween Survival Guide For Motorists
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Halloween Survival Guide For Motorists

Posted in Tips On By Connor Clayton

The time of year where people get together to eat, drink and be scary. Halloween can easily turn into a nightmare for motorists though...

The time of year where people get together to eat, drink and be scary. Halloween can easily turn into a nightmare for motorists though...
Keep Your Car Out Of The Way

Your car is more prone than you might think to halloween pranks, as unlikely as it might seem! Take precautions by locking it in the garage or keeping it on the driveway for the night.

If you've got neither, the best option would be to park your car somewhere well-lit and overlooked by either yourself or neighbours. It doesn't matter of the age or attitude, most pranksters will be nervous of doing anything under so many potential onlookers.

Remove Valuables From Your Car

Some criminals have a tendency to use the cover of halloween to target unsuspecting drivers - stay ahead of these thieves and just keep any valuables out of your car entirely. Don't be tempted to just hide them!

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How To Get Egg Off Your Car

As annoying as it might seem, the best thing to do first of all is remove by hand all pieces of egg shell that are stuck to the car, no matter how small the fragments are. Washing the vehicle with egg shells still on it can cause scratching.

The best thing you can do in this situation is take action as soon as possible, so the egg doesn’t have time to dry onto the paintwork, which could cause problems later on.

Afterwards, clean off as much of the egg as you can by using a towel and warm soapy water. It's best to stick to washing up liquid - industrial soaps can be harsh on paint and make the problem worse.

How To Get Shaving Foam Off Your Car

The most important thing to do is to get the shaving foam wet, so grab a bucket of warm water or a hose (ideally one where you can adjust the pressure) and wash the car thoroughly to try and get off as much foam as possible.

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Once that’s done, a gentle once-over with an all-in-one wash should do the job at clearing remaining foam, but use a microfibre cloth and keep the surface constantly wet just in case there’s any leftover foam to contend with.

How To Get Silly String Off Your Car

Silly string might seem like a fun idea at the time but ask anyone who’s had to deal with cleaning up the mess afterwards and they’ll tell you what a nightmare it can be to get off surfaces.

If the string is still wet, then warm soapy water should be enough, although be careful of residue if the string smears across the paintwork.

If the string has dried, use a power washer or garden hose and blast away most of the gunk from your car. After that, use warm soapy water and get scrubbing with your microfibre towel, although the nature of silly string means that some discolouration is possible even after cleaning.


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