Pothole / Pothole Repair

The government has announced that it will bring an additional £100 million of funding to help with pothole repair, which we believe is sorely needed as the plague of damage spreads up and down Britain. A lot of work is required to fix the nation’s roads after an extremely cold winter caused more damage than expected.

RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said: “The announcement of extra funding is welcome and will provide a boost to local highways authorities so they can fix some of our crumbling roads following the cold end to winter. Data suggests RAC patrols were attending over 200 pothole related breakdowns a day in the week following the early March cold snap. Some of the problems our patrols encountered included broken suspension springs, damaged shock absorbers and distorted wheels.

“Whilst extra money is welcome, recent independent analysis suggests there is a backlog of repairs totalling £9bn, so this is still a drop in the ocean when looking at the scale of what is required to fix our local roads. Poor quality road surfaces are not just a nuisance, they result in expensive repairs for drivers and can be fatal to cyclists.”

So, while the pothole repair budget has been increased, there is still a lot more work to be done to combat the damage that has already been done.