According to a study released by Intel, self-driving technologies and vehicles looks to become a $7 trillion per year business. This means that piloted driving could grow to have massive economic impact. It’s for this reason that Intel’s report goes on to say that companies that don’t prepare for a self-driving future risk failure or even extinction (Intel recently acquired Mobileye’s self-driving technology) as people move away from traditional methods of transportation for more comfortable and safer technologies.

Furthermore, the report predicts that more than 500,000 lives could be saved by self-driving technology in just 10 years. All of this is a sign of things to come with the growing population and traffic congestion signalling a rise in on-demand ride-hailing and car-sharing services that will help to speed up the transition in to this new “Passenger Economy”.

Intel’s predictions of the future show an interesting shift to self-driving technology that will most certainly become the new norm if they’re correct.


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