In a clear move against Tesla, Jaguar have announced the I-Pace, a brand-new electric vehicle that wants to beat the Model X.

The new Jaguar I-Pace looks a lot like the F-Pace in terms of style, but the choice to make the company’s first electric vehicle an SUV is an obvious taunt that they’re on the prowl to outpace Tesla’s Model X.

The design of the I-Pace is much sharper than the F-Pace with a blue strip around the car to show that it’s an all-electric model. With an expected range of 220 miles off a 90kWh battery and 395bhp from two engines, this will be a true competitor in the electric vehicle market.

This new car concept shows that it is has paid off for mainstream manufacturers to go slower in their approach to electric cars, quickly catching up with industry leaders in electric cars.

Ultimately, this Jaguar EV is stunning to look at. It’s everything we expect from an electric SUV, and it has the power to back it up.

The Jaguar I-Pace is expected to be on the roads in the second half of 2018, which is considerably sooner than other car manufacturers who are only giving estimates of "before 2020".

Inside, the Jaguar I-Pace have outdone themselves with the luxury. Firstly, Jaguar have adopted a digital display similar to the Virtual Cockpit found on top-spec Audi models and as an optional extra in the upcoming refresh of the Golf Mk7.

It’s not the digital display that shouts luxury the most in the I-Pace though. What says “I own a Jaguar I-Pace” more than a drawer for your driving gloves? No, we don’t mean a glovebox. There’s literally a drawer for your driving gloves – it even has an embossed imprint of a pair of gloves so that you know which way round to lay them.

Extravagance aside, the centre console of the I-Pace is minimal even though it still features quite a few buttons. The large touchscreen looks similar to the one available on top-of-the-range F-Pace models, but the rest appears to be an all-new design.

“There’s no point in a long bonnet because it doesn’t have a great six-cylinder engine like the E-Type. I found it fascinating that we could take an SUV and give it the characteristic of a mid-engine sports car in its profile because you’re bringing the cab forward and nestling it between the wheels." - Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum

Although the concept car has huge 23-inch alloy wheels, we’d expect these to be reduced in size on a production model, but it would be impressive if these made it in to the production version in 2018.

We’ll have more details very soon.