Lucid Motors - a direct competitor to Tesla - has finally revealed its anticipated first car, the Lucid Air.

With 1,000bhp, huge interior space, a top range of 400 miles and hidden headlights, the Lucid Air is out to make a statement. That statement is that Lucid Motors, creators and designers of this new luxury all-electric vehicle, aren’t happy with what’s currently on the market – and they’re here to show you why.

To start at the beginning with this car, Lucid wanted to make an electric supercar that was smaller than a Tesla Model S, but felt luxurious and comfortable inside without sacrificing on spaciousness. Now that the Lucid Air has been revealed, we can see that the carmaker appears to have succeeded.

Lucid says that their battery options will allow for 300 mile, or 400 mile, ranges instantly putting it on the same level as its competitors, but is it enough to make people buy the car? That’s where their executive¬†options come in to try and bring some of the market in their direction.

Lucid aims to optimise every millimetre, and therefore they want to maximise comfort for passengers as well as the driver. Their standard seating option has no uncomfortable knees-digging-in-to-your-chest moments as all three rear passengers have plenty of legroom thanks to the electric drivetrain taking up less space under the car. An executive seating option replaces the middle rear seat with an armrest and the seats are reclined by 55 degrees for “unprecedented comfort”.

"We are a luxury mobility company reimagining what a car can be."

Lucid want to address one of the niggling problems with electric vehicles. With the missing engine sound, acoustic noise from outside the car sounds a lot louder and can distract from the enjoyment of driving your car. To combat this, Lucid have fitted a 29-speaker noise cancelling system that will enhance cabin isolation and bring the silence that you deserve for owning an electric car.

Similar to how Tesla has just integrated self-driving technology in its range as standard (although a software unlock costs extra), the Lucid Air will also ship with its self-driving technology on board. Lucid promises a “comprehensive sensor suite able to scale to complete autonomy through ongoing software upgrades.”

Lucid also boasts that it has microphones that can pick up voices from anywhere in the car to allow you to control the vehicles systems. You will also be able to control certain aspects of the car using a mobile app as well.

Ultimately, we get the feeling that the Lucid Air is a direct jab at the Tesla Model S, and Lucid Motors don't seem ashamed to admit this with their design choices seemingly saying that they took a Tesla as inspiration and made it what they felt it should be.