Mandatory Vehicle Speed Limiters | Should We Be Worried?
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Mandatory Vehicle Speed Limiters | Should We Be Worried?

Mandatory Vehicle Speed Limiters | Should We Be Worried?
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Mandatory vehicle speed limiters are being introduced by the European Union that will help to stop speeding. But should we be worried it will come to the UK too?

Speeding. Something every driver has done at least once in their lives, either accidentally or purposely for the thrill of it. But what happens when your car fights back against you to urge you to slow down?

Well, that may become a reality, as the European Union introduced some new regulations in 2019 that aims to add features to your car that will help to keep you under the speed limit. These regulations are scheduled to start in 2022, meaning all new cars introduced after 2022 must be fitted with speed limiters.

The particular regulations in question are called the '(EU) 2019/2144' and there are dozens of legal documents strewn across the internet. We've grabbed the most important part for you: 

‘intelligent speed assistance’ means a system to aid the driver in maintaining the appropriate speed for the road environment by providing dedicated and appropriate feedback;

So how do these 'intelligent speed assistance' systems actually work?

Your vehicle is able to detect your current speed and road speed limit via GPS and road-sign recognition cameras. And this will seemingly be active the entire time your vehicle is switched on.

An image of an interior of an Audi RS5 Sportback

The name 'speed limiter' is a bit of a misnomer. Because they don't actually reduce your speed. They will simply have systems in place to annoy you enough to the point where you actively reduce your speed. These particular features are called 'Nagging' and they do exactly that, nag you to slow down.

Visual nagging

There will be several flashing lights on your infotainment display as well as your instrument cluster if you go over the speed limit. These will be bright enough to be noticeable and will only stop once you go back below the speed limit.

Auditory nagging

There will be noises played inside the vehicle if you go over the speed limit. It's unknown what noises will be played but it may be something as simple as a loud beep, to a physical person saying "Slow down" repeatedly.

Physical nagging (haptic feedback)

Haptic feedback is a technology that can apply force or motion to the user. Physical nagging will be built into the acceleration pedal that will be able to 'push back' against your foot if you exceed the roads speed limit.

We're not in the European Union anymore! This doesn't apply to us, right?

Probably the most important question is whether the UK will be adopting these rules or not. And the answer to that right now is a solid "We don't know". Autotrader host Rory Reid recently did a YouTube video on the new regulations and he was able to speak with the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders).

An image of the interior of a Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

They simply said that it's a possibility, as the UK copied lots of vehicle and transportation-related laws from the European Union. The UK even assisted the EU in creating laws themselves, meaning that the UK is leading the charge when it comes to on the road safety.


So it's more than likely a possibility that the UK will adopt some form of 'speed limiters' from 2022 onwards.

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