Microsoft’s first all-in-one PC, the Surface Studio, has a huge 28-inch, 12.5mm thin display with 13.5 million pixels. This makes it the thinnest LCD monitor ever with a better display than a 4K television. This is the new Microsoft –¬†gone are the days where HP, Dell or Lenovo were the go-to brands for a Windows powered PC.

It’s also clear that Microsoft are setting out to dislodge some of the market from Apple’s ageing iMac, and with a design this sleek it’s possible that they actually will.

Even though the device sports a range of Intel processors, 32GB RAM and a 2TB hard drive, you won’t be talking about the hardware after you’ve seen the defining feature of the Surface Studio.

Press the top of the screen firmly and the hinges will allow you to lower the screen in to an almost flat position where you can use a stylus, your fingers or the new Surface Dial to interact with content on the screen.

Interestingly, when Apple revealed their latest iMac design, they said that they didn’t want to make the iMac do something like this because they felt that nobody would use it, that it would be uncomfortable to use and that it would be difficult to use. After seeing the Surface Studio, it’s rare to see Apple being proven wrong. This thing looks so natural and intuitive to use, that it’s strange that no other company had thought to do this until now.