MPs Call for Petrol & Diesel Ban by 2032
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MPs Call for Petrol & Diesel Ban by 2032

MPs Call for Petrol & Diesel Ban by 2032
Posted in Car News On By Connor Clayton

There has been a recent claim by MPs stating that the sale of Petrol & Diesel vehicles should be banned within the next 15 years.

It has been suggested that the ban should be brought forward by eight years, ahead of the announcement of the 2040 target - claiming this was 'vague and unambitious'. The main barrier identified in encouraging electric car use is an effective nationwide charging network -when it comes to this, ministers were simply told to 'get a grip' by the Parliamentary Business Committee.

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This wasn't the only thing MPs were criticised for... the recent decision to slash grants available for plug-in vehicles is a hot topic, with the committee calling on officials to maintain current support levels to boost EV Sales. Our current target of 2040 actually places the UK considerably behind a number of other countries, such as Ireland - a target of 2030, and Norway - a target of 2025.

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One of the committee’s biggest criticisms of ministers was their failure to deliver a nationwide charging infrastructure by leaving implementation to local authorities and private companies. The committee is calling for new regulations to provide for an extensive, reliable and standardised public network of charging points. Let's ask ourselves, if we remove the current inconveniences of owning an electric car, which include available charging points & lack of comparable range to petrol/diesel counterparts, would we be less hesitant to adopt the electric car lifestyle? I think the answer is yes. An instinct for anyone is to take the route of least resistance, so if it makes our lives more difficult, why would we opt for it?