Non-Standard Equipment
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Non-Standard Equipment

Posted in Leasing Guides On By Connor Clayton

If you want to fit non-standard equipment to your lease car, you can, but it's worth examining the subject to make sure it doesn't become costly!

The short answer is yes, you can fit non-standard equipment, but there are some important factors to consider before adding an extra to your car that could end up becoming costly for you at a later date.

The costs to fit, purchase and maintain the non-standard equipment are solely at your expense. It’s recommended that all extras are supplied and fitted by an approved, qualified installer and that they conform to all legal requirements.

Any damage arising from the installation of extras has to be repaired at your own cost. At the end of your contract, if there are any visible visible holes in the bodywork or trim, they must be repaired to the standard required by the finance company. Any electrical alterations will also need to be restored to the original standard as well.

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Ultimately, this shouldn’t discourage you from making changes to your car that you would do if the car belonged to you, but ensure that you are able to return the car to its original standard at the end of your contract, otherwise there may end up being costly repairs involved.