Porsche Passport
Porsche Passport

The Porsche Passport is a new car subscription service that has launched in Atlanta. For $2,000 a month, the pilot program allows you access to a number of Porsche’s sports cars and SUVs. The intention of the service is to give users the keys to different Porsche models on a schedule that suits them.

Need something fast and sporty for a quick dart across the country? Just open the app, select a speedy car and a driver will deliver the car and keys to a sporty model. Need something with plenty of boot space to transport some IKEA furniture? Hit up the app and you’ll be able to switch again. Sorted.

So far, you’ll only be able to get a 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman S or six other Porsche models. If you’re willing to fork out a further thousand dollars, you’ll be given a choice of 22 model including the e-hybrid Cayenne.

Why so expensive? Well, you’re looking at luxury cars for starters, but you’d also get vehicle tax, registration, insurance, maintenance and even detailing included in your Porsche Passport membership. That’s a lot of happy benefits. Oh, and no limits on mileage.

Porsche Passport

What does this mean for the future of mobility? Well, we’re pretty excited about the prospects of Audi updating its Audi on Demand service (currently available in San Francisco) to follow this idea – they are from the same parent company after all – and being given access to cars that range from the S3 Sportback to the new RS4 Avant. Especially with brand new electric-only Audi models on the way.

We’d also be interested in seeing a leasing-inspired On Demand service that had a cheaper pay scale. What if you paid £250 per month and has access to cars from the lower-end A range (A1, A3 and A4)? You could get an Audi A1 when you were planning some annoying city driving where you need to zip between buses and parked lorries, and you could switch to an Audi A4 Avant if you needed the extra length. Then a tier for around £450 per month that would give you access to S models. And then a £750ish range that would give you access to SQ and R models.

We can only dream.

Porsche Passport says that it is for everything from a Fun Drive, Family Road Trip, Date Night, Freedom, Business Meeting, Commuting, Business Lunch and anything else you can think of! Cayenne for a family road trip, 911 for date night or a Panamera for a daily commute. This service sounds perfect. All you need to pay for is fuel.

The idea of a Porsche Passport is an interest look at the future of mobility. The prospect of an Audi Passport is even more exciting to us.