Self-Driving Robots Deliver Domino's Pizza In Texas, USA
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Self-Driving Robots Deliver Domino's Pizza In Texas, USA

Self-Driving Robots Deliver Domino's Pizza In Texas, USA
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The future is truly here. American multinational pizza restaurant chain Domino's Pizza have launched their own autonomous vehicle pizza delivery service.

  • Domino's has launched its own robotic pizza delivery service
  • The robotic vehicle is called a 'Nuro'
  • The Nuro is a fully autonomous robot able to navigate public roads
  • The robot delivers the pizza to a destination and is unlocked with a PIN
  • The Nuro is being trialled in Texas, USA

An image of a Domino's pizza employee adding a pizza to the nuro

Self-driving robots deliver Domino's Pizza in Texas, USA

The first of its kind, the Nuro is a cute little robot that can deliver piping hot pizza straight to your doorstep without a driver. It uses autonomous technology to navigate the public roads safely and is packed full of sensors, cameras, thermal imaging and lots of other detection hardware that enables it to truck along. It even has a built-in microphone to detect sounds from sirens and will stop in its tracks if it thinks there's an emergency vehicle approaching. 

Domino's have made the process simple. You can order via the Domino's website and select the Woodland Heights location (the trial location in Texas USA), then select the Nuro as the form of delivery. You will be texted when the Nuro is on its way and you will be able to track the robot's location via an app. It will also send you a text message with a PIN code that allows you to open the heating compartment when it arrives.

An image of a customer receiving a pizza from the Domino's pizza nuro vehicle

The Nuro has been approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA, meaning it's the first autonomous delivery vehicle to use the public roads. It weighs around 190 kilograms and has a top speed of 25 mph. It has an onboard battery that gives it around an hour of driving, as described by the website.

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