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Posted in Interviews On By Tim Ridd-Jolly

We spoke to Smart Polish Pro about how they got started, what they're up to now, and what they have planned for the future of their brand! Check it out.

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Hi, thank you for your time. Tell us a bit about Smart Polish Pro. Can you tell us the process for creating your product?

In early 2014, we employed a small team of chemical engineers and set out to develop a line of formulas to tackle specific tasks rather than just rehash the same thing with a new scent. One thing we wanted to keep in mind throughout the process was the environmental impact our products would have. Without compromising on quality, we came up with a range of formulas that, first and foremost, produce truly astonishing results and also require no water at all when being applied!

After rigorous testing and refinement, we started selling the formulas in early 2015 on a shoestring budget. We have a loyal, global fan base of dedicated motorists with almost 100,000 followers who regularly interact and engage with the brand to show off their remarkable results.


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On your website, you're seen using your products on some amazing cars! Did it make you nervous working on those cars?

Not at all! People are very nervous about Waterless detailing, but we firmly believe that this is the future of car cleaning. The results of our Waterless Wash & Wax are truly astonishing. Check out our Instagram page to see just some of the thousands of customers Worldwide who use our products daily. We also have a customer who uses our formulas on his LaFerrari!

What made you choose a car cleaning product? Do you have experience in valeting?

We don’t claim to be professional detailers, just car enthusiasts who like keeping our cars looking just the way they should be… super clean! We felt the car care market started to become over-complicated with so many different waxes. Are they saying one of their products isn’t as good as another? What difference does it make if the formula has a nice scent like apple? We feel the most important feature should be the quality of the finish and that is our key focus!

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Can you tell us your plans for new Smart Polish Pro products in the future? What could we be looking forward to in 2017?

We exhibited at SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas and released our brand new product, Hydropel®. Hydropel® is a Last Stage Protection that Seals, Repels Water and leaves a Gloss Shine. It perfectly compliments our Waterless Wash & Wax formula and can be used on most materials such as paint, glass, alloys and rubber. 

We are planning for a BIG year in 2017 with the release of a couple more products that are currently in the final development stage.

What are you currently driving?

I currently drive the Smart Polish Pro Truck, a Nissan Navarra LP300.

If money was no object, what would be your perfect car?

McLaren 675LT. We are hopeful of getting our hands on one for a photoshoot in 2017 so watch this space!

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Can you give us some tips on how to keep our cars looking clean and tidy?

For me, I firstly use the Waterless Wash & Wax to bring out that shine your car deserves. The whole truck takes around 30 minutes to clean which saves me a lot of time compared to the traditional bucket & hose method. I then use our Hydropel® formula to seal the wax, I love the look of beading on a car, and this combination gives the best I've ever seen!

Our Interior Detailer is also a pretty awesome product as it can be used on multi-surfaces meaning you don’t need a different product for leather and plastics!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

We have an exclusive discount for your readers, simply enter the discount code ‘STABLE10’ for 10% off our entire product range on!

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That's excellent! Thank you very much for your time.

A massive thanks to Smart Polish Pro for taking the time to answer our questions. You can find Smart Polish Pro on Instagram and Facebook. You can purchase all of their products on their website, and be sure to use our exclusive promo code 'STABLE10' at checkout for 10% off! Know someone you'd like us to interview? Let us know in the comments below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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