Snabshod Photography

We catch up with Daniel from Snabshod Photography to find out what he’s been up to since our last interview with him, and what he has planned for the rest of 2017.

Hi Daniel, we hope you're well. Can you tell us a bit about what you've been up to over the last few months, and what's in store for you and Snabshod Photography in 2017?

My plans for 2017? Shoot more cars for Snabshod Photography for sure. After finishing a massive project in 2016, I was glad to return to my car photography. I was taking photographs for a local hospital for their new website. I think I took about 3,000 pictures for them. I wasn’t able to focus on my automotive photography, but it was a great chance to take a break and get new thoughts on my work. Coming up with fresh ideas, trying new techniques, testing new gear and just spending more time with friends and family. I was able to enjoy the summer as a normal human being and had weekends!

That was great, but after a while I started to miss shooting cars. So, after my deserved break from shooting the hospital every single day for months, I decided it was time to return to car photography.

In the last four months of 2016, I shot cars for Mercedes-Benz in the Alps, had an awesome trip with Audi and the R8 in the Alps as well, I did my 2016 Advent photography for Audi (I shot pictures for their 2015 Advent as well) and I had the chance to shoot the all-new Audi TTRS.

Snabshod Photography

Finally, I realised I wanted to do my own project with Mercedes-Benz and the all new E-Class All-Terrain. We had three awesome days creating great pictures and footage. I used the chance to practice a little bit of filming.

“People like to look at pictures, but they love to watch short clips, with action and movements as well.”

Daniel Böswald – Snabshod Photography

For 2017, my goals are to work more with different brands, especially more with my friends at Pogea Racing. I want to do more big projects, not only small one-day jobs. I will also be working on improving my style. By that, I mean I want my images look more outstanding and clear. I will focus on getting cleaner results and trying to light cars properly.

Like I mentioned earlier, I want to create some video footage. The movies and short clips I’m planning to make are for my social media. People like to look at pictures, but they love to watch short clips, with action and movements as well. It’s perfect to tease new images and give the folks out there a glimpse of upcoming stuff.

Thanks Daniel, we wish you all the best for the future. You can find Daniel, and Snabshod Photography, on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.