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Chris Harris drives the Bugatti Chiron, Uber protests against Waymo lawsuit, a new 1TB external-SSD and more.

Chris Harris – one of the hosts of Top Gear – gets one day to explore the many talents of the 1,479bhp Bugatti Chiron. At first he’s at a loss of what to do with that much power, but this is one of those cars that are just designed to go sideways.

An in-depth look at what makes a Chiron different to the Veyron with stunning visuals that show off every angle of the brand-new supercar. It’s worth watching this just for Harris’s expression as he puts his foot down for the full acceleration of the car – it’s the look of a professional trying to remain professional, while experiencing the raw power of the sixteen cylinder engine. Priceless.


Alphabet-owned Waymo recently filed a lawsuit against Uber claiming that a former Google engineer – and current top executive at Uber – had stolen 14,000 confidential documents before leaving Google. According to Waymo, the stolen technology was used to convince Uber to buy a self-driving truck startup called Otto for $680 million.

Uber have now filed a response stating that they couldn’t have stolen the self-driving technology secrets as they are currently still using off-the-shelf self-driving technology for their autonomous vehicles. Although this proves that they haven’t been using Waymo’s technology, it also forces the ride-hailing company to admit that Waymo’s autonomous vehicles are more advanced than their own.


Western Digital has announced their latest, superfast external hard drive. It has numerous upgrades over previous generations – most notably the replacement of a hard-drive with solid-state storage. SSDs have been growing in popularity thanks to their speed and low risk of damage. Now, the Western Digital My Passport SSD gets that upgrade.

Available in 1TB, 512GB and 256GB, the new My Passport gets USB-C support and a new design. The drive is capable of transferring files at a blazing 515MB per second thanks to the new technology.


Although most people are waiting for Tesla’s innovative solar roof tiles, the company still hasn’t stopped working on solar panels. New solar panels will appeal to homeowners who don’t want to fork up the cash for a completely new roof, and will allow customers to fit solar panels to existing structures.

Even though solar tiles are a talking point for the company, these new low profile solar panels will surely lead the way for Tesla as they aim to shape their future in the residential solar industry.


Facebook bought Instagram five years ago for $1 billion. At the time, the company had 30 million users and zero revenue. Now, Instagram has more the 600 million users and it’s expected that the company is now a multi-million dollar advertising agency.

The purchase of the company today looks like a smart move, even if it wasn’t obvious back then. One thing that the purchase proved more than anything, though, was that Facebook was able to create multiple products at the same time.


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