11 April

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11 April – The Thor: Ragnarok trailer, Qualcomm sues Apple, Netflix’s horror TV show and more.

The Thor: Ragnarok trailer was released last night, and it’s taking the internet by storm with its unusually cheery and comedy tones. The trailer has a nice surprise for Marvel fans, so it’s worth watching to the end.

The film ditches the tired scenery of Earth for something a bit more extravagant, as Marvel hopes to find fresh, new stories away from our planet. Putting aside Guardians of the Galaxy, almost every Marvel film so far has been set on Earth, so now – ten years in to the Marvel Cinemaric Universe – “we’ve seen everything these heroes can save (and destroy) on Earth. Now, it’s time for a roadtrip.”


Mike Flanagan is probably the busiest horror director at the moment with Hush, Before I Wake and Ouija: Origin of Evil under his belt, he’s just finished adapting a Stephen King novel for Netflix and is now working on a new TV series for the streaming service. And it’s more horror.

This time, though, the adaptation is a 10-part series described as “a modern reimagining” of Shirley Jackson’s 1959 classic The Haunting of Hill House. The book has already been made into a pair of films, both simply titled The Haunting.


Speed bumps could disappear from UK roads to try and reduce pollution levels. Other ‘traffic-calming’ measures could also be removed in order to stop people slowing down and speeding up, which almost doubles the amount of harmful gases cars produce.

Councils will be advised to take measures to improve the flow of traffic as part of a new clean air strategy to be unveiled later this month.


Menu designers use the lessons of behavioural economics to nudge us into ordering what the chef wants us to. William Poundstone has studied more than 100 menus – from cartes du jour at Michelin-starred restaurants to the vast, illuminated sign menus of fast-food joints – to unveil the “science” behind their design.


Qualcomm claims that Apple didn’t use the full potential of their chips in the iPhone 7 so that Intel’s versions would perform better.

Qualcomm says that Apple “chose not to utilise certain high-performance features of the Qualcomm chipsets for the iPhone 7 (preventing consumers from enjoying the full extent of Qualcomm’s innovation),” and when Qualcomm iPhones supposedly outperformed Intel iPhones, “Apple falsely claimed that there was ‘no discernible difference’ between” the two variants.


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