Three Way Battle For The Top Spot!
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Three Way Battle For The Top Spot!

Posted in Insider News On By David Moffatt

For the past 7 years the top dog of the luxury car market has been dominated by BMW, but that title appears to be slipping away! Mercedes and Audi have been chipping away at BMW slowly but surely and now Audi look primed to take over as number 1 luxury car supplier. This time last year BMW had sold 40,000 more vehicles than Audi, but this year reports suggest that figure is down to around 2000. The Volkswagen Group's $25.6 Billion investment into research and development back in 2003 appears to be having an impact and the model portfolio has doubled, adding the likes of the Q7, Q5, R8 and the popular A1. Audi have also been very aggressive in China, India and Russia.  These market places are seen to be of key importance in the race for the number one spot and Audi appear to have stolen the march on their rivals! However, don't write Mercedes Benz of just yet!  This year Mercedes have been registering cars like there going out of fashion, with many being pushed through the car leasing division. Don't forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and get the best contract hire and leasing deals in the UK, direct to your inbox.  Simply click on the link below:


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