Golf R Performance Pack

When the Golf R Performance Pack was announced in March, there was no confirmed date for it to come the UK. Now, at Frankfurt Motor Show, we have finally got an answer from a Volkswagen spokesperson on the show floor.

There’s been some confusion with the Golf R Performance Pack since it was announced in March. On the UK configurator, you can now add the Performance Pack and the Akrapovic Exhaust System, but customers have reported order cancellations and long delays being added to those orders. It’s only now that we can confirm you will be able to finally order the Performance Pack in October. This comes straight from a Volkswagen spokesperson on the show floor at Frankfurt Motor Show.

Golf R Performance Pack

The combination of the already powerful Golf R and the seriously impressive Performance Pack make for a car that needs little improvement. The feature that’s easiest to identify is the Akrapovic titanium machined exhaust system that gives the Golf R a noticeably different sound when accelerating, revving or even idling.

Although the engine remains the same, the Performance Pack removes the speed limited, which will allow the car to push past the standard 155mph speed limit to reach a maximum speed of just over 165mph. Then, to slow you down, you’ll also need the Performance Brake System that brings drilled brake discs with special Performance Pack brake pads at the front and a silver ‘R’ logo plate on the brake callipers.

“The Golf R Performance Pack will be available in the UK from October.”


The shock absorbers and steering will also be tuned specifically for the Performance Pack, further improving and refining the standard Golf R experience. You can be certain that these changes will mean a sportier, more responsive ride to make the Golf R handle better at higher speeds.

Golf R Performance Pack

New 19″ alloys will be available to Performance owners as well, allowing you to customise your Golf R even more. The whole package, when put together, makes the car look stunning. On the show floor at Frankfurt, we saw that Lapiz Blue paint matches up with the Performance Pack perfectly by helping to define all of the new features.

It’s also worth noting that the Performance Pack will be available on both the Golf R and the Golf R Estate, so you’ll be able to spec it on the more practical Estate model as well.

It seems that Audi will also be jumping on the bandwagon and offering performance parts for their top-end models. There is an Audi TT RS at the event with Audi Sport Performance Parts.

The Golf R Performance Pack will be available in the UK from October!