Phone Use

Just months after introducing new penalties for mobile phone use while in control of a vehicle, hundreds of people are still being caught using their devices while driving.

Figures from Greater Manchester Police regarding the recent legislation of phone use while driving show that 150+ drivers were still caught using their phones in March. Penalties were also issued for people not in control of their vehicle for offences such as adjusting their sat navs.

This comes off the back of changes in legislation that mean that people caught using their mobile phones while driving can face higher fines (£200 up from £100) and 6 points on their licence. If you’ve only been driving for less than two years and you’re caught using your mobile phone, then it’s back to driving school for you. Six points will get your licence revoked in the first two years of driving, and you’ll still get your £200 fine as well.

Phone Use

Ultimately, it’s still annoying seeing drivers using their mobile phones on the road, and causing problems for other drivers as they’re distracted by their phones while driving, or even at traffic lights when they don’t realise the lights have changed to green.

It’s no wonder that the government are urging phone network companies and the phone makers to create a new system that would disable phone functionality while driving.

“Our fire crews see the harsh realities of what can happen if motorists use mobile phones while driving and find themselves in a collision, trapped and injured.”


Police are going to extra lengths at the moment to ensure that drivers using mobile phones are penalised in an effort to try and significantly reduce the amount of dangerous drivers on the road. One method that they’ve started using is an undercover double-decker bus that allows police to look down from above to see if drivers are using their mobile phones as they’re tucked between their legs.

Inspector Tony Allt from Greater Manchester Police’s Roads Policing Unit said: “During the intensive national campaign regarding the increase in penalties for using a mobile phone, officers could see a notable reduction in people willing to take the risk of committing the offence.”

The campaign against mobile phone use is only in the early stages, but hopefully it will reduce the amount of dangerous drivers on the road.