Volkswagen Arteon Teased Before Geneva Unveiling
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Volkswagen Arteon Teased Before Geneva Unveiling

Volkswagen Arteon Teased Before Geneva Unveiling
Posted in Volkswagen On By Tim Ridd-Jolly

New teaser images of the Volkswagen Arteon have been revealed ahead of a Geneva Motor Show unveiling. They show the front and rear of the new model.

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In the images we see the front and rear of the Volkswagen Arteon, designs that are similar to the current model Volkswagen CC, which the Arteon is expected to replace. This will place the new car above the Passat where the CC previously resided.

Volkswagen say that this new model combines “avant-garde design with a high level of versatility” and this “resulted in an interior architecture which is exceptionally spacious.”

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"Key design features include a completely new front end with LED and daytime running light merging with the chrome-plated crossbars of the radiator grille and the bonnet."



This new vehicle will have the latest generation of driver assistance systems that can already be found on the 2017 Volkswagen Golf models. It’s also expected that the Arteon will have the same gesture-controlled infotainment system from the new Golf range as well.

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